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Postharvest Handling and Food Safety

Farmers, aspiring farmers, and educators may use any or all of the training materials developed for this project by following the links below. If you use any of this information in any format please include the following acknowledgment "From information developed by the University of Illinois Extension funded by NIFA Beginning Farmer and Rancher Development Program Project Grant # 2012-49400-19565."

Click on the X in the table below to link to recorded presentations with audio, Power Point files (in pdf format), and lists of resources.



Recorded presentations with audio

Power Point files (in pdf format)

Storage Facilities and Conditions






GAPS (Good Agricultural Practices)



Cottage Food Regulations












Use these links for additional topics …

Fruit and Vegetable Production, including general production overviews, pruning and training, tools and equipment, farm safety, irrigation, transplant production, variety selection, succession planting, soils and fertilizers, composting, cover crops, organic production and certification, high-tunnel, greenhouse, and hydroponic production systems, pollination, and beekeeping

Integrated Pest Management, including general background, conventional pesticides, pesticides for organic production, and management of insects, plant diseases, weeds, and wildlife pests

Business, including business structures, business plans, taxes, contracts, labor laws, insurance, USDA programs that assist small farmers, record-keeping, multi-year planning, and financial analyses, marketing options, CSAs, aggregation and food hubs, management and marketing analyses, and wholesale marketing