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Thanks for generous support from Farm Credit.


Please view this ATTRA video https://attra.ncat.org/webinars/finance.php before your October class.

The video lasts about 52 minutes and has 7 the worksheets below for you to use.  You will need to sign in with your name and email to view the video.

Worksheet #1: Why Do You Want to Farm? What Are Your Goals? [PDF/395K]

Worksheet #2: Determining Your Skills and Resources [PDF/291K] 
This worksheet will help you assess your skills or resources in areas which are important to operating a farm.

Worksheet #3: Sample Projection of Cash Flow from Operations [PDF/144K] 
An example from Nana Louie farm.

Worksheet #4: Income Statement and Balance Sheet templates [PDF/64K]

Worksheet #5: An Example Sales Log [PDF/65K] 
For tracking total sales by venue, not by crop.

Worksheet #6: An Example Expense Log [PDF/64K]

Worksheet #7: IRS Schedule F: Profit or Loss From Farming [PDF/95K]